Notices: Special District Transparency,
CORA, And Fee Notices

Pursuant to section 32-1-809, Colorado Revised Statutes for Transparency Notices may be filed with
Special District Association of Colorado. This information must be provided annually to the eligible electors
of the district no later than January 15 of each year.

Search here by district name for transparency notices, CORA information, and water fee notices.

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District Name
Pioneer Regional Metropolitan District Weld County
PLA Metropolitan District Adams
Plains Metropolitan District Jefferson County
Plateau Valley Fire Protection District Mesa
Plateau Valley Hospital District Mesa
Platte Canyon Fire Protection District Park
Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District Arapahoe, Jefferson
Platte River Ranch South Metropolitan District Adams
Platte Valley Fire Protection District Weld
Platteville Gilcrest Fire Protection District Weld
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